Exe Txt


This text is one component of a work entitled EXE TXT. The work clusters around the enclosed composition versioned in both plain text file and print-on-demand format. Additional components include a python script and a complete set of text files released as textwarez by a little database called Textz.com from 2000 until 2004. The EXE TXT composition was written with the aid of the enclosed python script, which extracts sentences containing variants of the strings “text” and “software” from the textwarez collection (including multilingual strings “texte”, “testo”, and “texto”, for example). Line and chapter breaks were introduced by a human editor. Character encoding errors and misreadings have been retained. In this way, EXE TXT queries a latent theorization of executable text within the works once hosted by Textz.com. Generically, it might be identified alternately as a scholarly edition, a fugitive collection, or a poetics of computation.


Like all linear textual formats, this text presents one narrative trajectory among a limitless array of possible routes that a user might follow through the database. It is also a little database, or inventory of effects, in its own right. Any user may repeat this operation on the Textz.com corpus, which is included in the publication. Users may select their own terms for rearticulating this corpus. The python script extracts full sentences containing target words that are then randomized and written to a new text file. The publication is thus itself variable, including all subsequent texts derived from the mechanism hosted by Gauss PDF.


Danny Snelson: EXE TXT
Gauss PDF, Gordon Faylor (Ed.), Los Angeles, 2015


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