Lawrence Weiner

TAKEN TO AS DEEP AS THE SEA CAN BE 2005 by Lawrence Weiner born 1942

Taken to as deep as the sea can be, 2005, vinyl wall text


Image courtesy Tate Collection, London


Elizabeth Price


We Know, 2014, oil on canvas, tinted perspex vitrine, 58 x 93 x 6 cm


Sleep, September – October 2014, MOTINTERNATIONAL, Brussels


Image courtesy the artist and MOTINTERNATIONAL Brussels/London


Claire Fontaine


Bartleby le scribe brickbat, 2006


Neue Wege nichts zu tun, June – October 2014, Kunsthalle Wien


Image courtesy the artists and Kunsthalle Wien


Sharon Hayes


Fingernails on a blackboard: Bella, 2014, analog video transferred to digital, 16 min


Sharon Hayes at Andrea Rosen, New York, March – April 2014


Ketty La Rocca

Ketty La Rocca-00103-072

Comma with 3 dots, 1970, moulded and painted PVC


Ketty La Rocca at Wilkinson, London, April – June 2014