Reprint: Appropriation (&) Literature

Since the 1960s, writers have radically challenged the notion of originality and creativity in literature. They stopped writing new texts for their books and instead drew upon pre-existing books: canonical texts of world literature or intellectual history are transcribed by hand, edited, altered, alphabetically arranged or simply copied and republished under one’s own name. By now Appropriation Literature amounts to a critical mass that has generated its own tradition. The present anthology is the first to give an international overview of the phenomenon, presenting 126 books and projects by over 90 authors.

(Source: Luxbooks)


Reprint: Appropriation (&) Literature
Edited by Annette Gilbert
Appropriations from 1960 to the present, in collaboration with Tobias Amslinger and Mirja Aye, with a contribution by Michalis Pichler
580 pages, bilingual edition, german/english, 23,1 x 16,7 cm
Luxbooks Wiesbaden, Oktober 2014