Poetry Logos

Vanessa Place


1. Hope is a thug with feathers.


2. Language lies in fact.


3. Someone is stealing your ideas.


4. A little stealing is dangerous.


5. A big stealing is poetry.


6. Steal again. Steal better.


7. About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment.


8. Make it now and again.


9. Try again. Fail again. Fail worse.


10. Anything worth having is worth destroying, and vice versa.


11. First as farce, second as tragedy.


12. Poetry is what gets lost in conversion.


13. Poetry is a Popsicle.


14. Poetry is a platform.


15. Pointless as a balloon.


16. If it doesn’t pop, it’s not poetry.


17. It’s not the point, it’s the platform.


18. The tragedy of humanity is to seek meaning in finitude.


19. The tragedy of finitude is to seek meaning in humanity.


20. Honk if you love.


21. L’oie du père.


22. The only good god is a cute god.


23. I do not do, I do not do.


24. I do not remember.


25. I am not where I think.


26. I think, therefore I think I am.


27. Nobody’s perfect. I’m nobody.


28. I’ve got plenty of nothing.


29. Nothing’s plenty for you.


30. Nothing compares to you.


31. Nothing doing.


32. Nothing is worth doing well.


33. I am nothing without you.


34. Nothing can come between us.


35. The world owes you nothing.


36. Nothing’s too good for you.


37. Time changes nothing. Sadly, it always changes it to something.


38. Work as if nothing matters.


39. Nothing matters.


40. Nothing sells like sincerity. Poetry sells sincerity.


41. I have nothing to say and I am not saying it and that is poetry as I wanted it.


42. I like boring things. It makes such nice holes.


43. Saying nothing says the most.


44. If you say something, see something.


45. Your art is your business.


46. There’s no “i” in poetry.


47. There is no “I” in team. But there is a “me”, bitch.


48. I can’t dwell.


49. I will not represent you.


50. I love you because life is short.


51. Are you being served?


52. You are an effect.


53. You are all that matters.


54. You are a genius.


55. Nothing succeeds like a mirror.


56. Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.


57. Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.


58. You are watching the American experience.


59. Poetry heals the reason inflicted by wounds.


60. Poetry is a skill to get people to really like you for you.


61. Poetry makes me feel like I can create whatever I want.


62. Poetry. It moves people.


63. Corporations are people. People need poetry.


64. Poets are the unacknowledged hedge fund managers of the world.


65. When I hear the word “poetry”, I reach for my gun.


66. Who cares?


67. I is not a subject.


68. I am a mouthpiece.


69. I am a true pervert, a puppet of the people.


70. No longer content to be art’s puppet, language now proclaims itself art’s ventriloquist.


71. No art without language.


72. No death without language.


73. Death–the fun drive.


74. On ne peut desirer ce qu’on connaît.


75. For love is mortality, and heaven a place of stasis.


76. Art is no place for sentiment.


77. Intelligence is impractical.


78. Beauty is easy.


79. Failure is forever.


80. What’s so funny.


81. Question marks.


82. The trick is non-communication.


83. There is never enough hate.


84. We live under a totalitarian regime of inclusivity.


85. The trick is not minding.


86. Speaking as a black man, it’s all about keeping it real.


87. Speaking as a white man, it’s all about keeping the faith.


88. Speaking as a woman, I hear that.


89. I want to dress as a woman.


90. I want to act like a man.


91. A shadow is always sexed.


92. Always the phallus, never the bride.


93. Whereof one cannot remain silent, one must speak.


94. Let me recite what poetry preaches. Poetry preaches.


95. Art is site-contingent.


96. Poetry is business’ scream.


97. The internet is an ebook.


98. The browser is the new biographer.


99. The future of language is ours.


100. Are you not all walking citations?


101. In the future, everyone will be language.


102. All language is currency.


103. Language is liquid gold.


104. Je suis le supermarché.


105. Je suis une pipe.


106. Je suis sur veau.


107. More matter with less poetry.


108. Now’s your chance.


109. One day only.


110. Poetry is now fifteen minutes ahead of art.