Your Country is Great (Excerpt)

Ara Shirinyan


Afghanistan Is Great


Afghanistan is great, but much smaller
than previously assumed.


the need for education
in Afghanistan is great
and must be met quickly,


need for food in Afghanistan is great,


with unique problems
facing Afghanistan.


The need for tough, dependable,
locally repairable wheelchairs in
Afghanistan is great.


A mountain. An airplane. Aviation in
Afghanistan is great fun.


Pipeline via Afghanistan is great.


There is no question that Allah’s
knowledge and love of Afghanistan
is great
even as he regrets
the limits of his understanding.


Burma Is Great


Burma is great for private parties.
Burma is great. Difficult to find
a working internet connection though,
so I will be scarce on news and emails
for another 2 weeks.
the demand for credit
in rural Burma is great.
For what might be termed
‘productive’. purposes,
the agriculturalist in Burma needs capital
to plant


Colombia Is Great


The need for counternarcotics assistance to Colombia
is great and we will continue to provide it in the form of
goods and services.


Colombia is great if one of those director visit colombia
and take ideas and see what is violence right there, that
will be a great story


Colombia is great, people, food, life style, etc… looking for
e-mail address for private bilingual schools so that I can
eturn to my love


Colombia is great, but deffinetly dangerous…….and safe.
Its up to the individual traveler to be smart
when its neccessary.


What you will experience in Colombia is great food, smiling
people who warmly greet you on the street whether you know them
or not


colombia is great.. i love being stared at.. haha. yesterday
when me and my cousin parked his car..rite when i got out..
3 chicks came up to me


Unemployment in Colombia is great; some in La Cangrejera work
as masons or sell little things in the streets (called the
“informal economy”)


Flowers In Elegant, Happy and Beautiful Women In coffee quality
In palm variety


colombia is great but the cartel biz is rough, also my rash isn’t clearing up and it’s hard to find decent blow here but i can’t wait to meet up with you


Colombia is great. The women are in my humble opinion(IMHO),
on average, a notch above the women of Cuba in almost every way
except maybe horizontal skills.


Published in Dossier Konzeptuelles Schreiben, Edit 63, Winter 2013/14